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Interview with Ian Chow, world traveller

imageIan Chow at the Everest mountain range

Art is a journey. Same-old is the opposite of creativity. Every single artist, musician and photographer that I know longs to discover something new - and what is a better way to do that than to go somewhere far far away?

Meet Ian Chow, my friend and someone I look up to when it comes to actually going to places most people only dream about. He is here to share his wisdom and experiences about being far far away from home.

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Interview with Ron Chiu, graphic artist

imageRon’s Instagram looks pretty damn cool

This week I had a chance to ask my friend Ron, graphic artist, designer and overall really nice guy a few questions about his new creative project.

Every (work) day, since February 3rd Ron drew a fictional character portrait on an empty container from his daily caffeine fix. He posts the results of on his Instagram account, Twitter and, if you know him personally - Facebook. By now I fully expect it, it is my reminder that I need to get my coffee too and start doing something with my life. And as I do just that I reminisce about the old friends from sci-fi and comics that I worshiped as a kid, staring at me from the empty paper cup half way across the world.


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Inspiration through foreign literature: “Tale of Medvediha”

imageImage source

This is perhaps the first and only English translation of Alexander Pushkin's unfinished poem. Be warned: a lot of the grammar rules have been subverted to preserve the flow of the original piece. I have never done this before so do let me know if there is something that needs fixing. Enjoy!

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This is when I would buy art online


Does it even make sense to shop for something that would hang on your wall and become your daily inspiration for years on a tiny computer monitor or a tablet? The problem with buying anything online is that there is always a good chance that things will not look exactly as they were pictured on the website. And of course there are trust issues since you don’t ever get to see, touch and feel the product for weeks after paying for it. What if they rip us off?

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A few eco-friendly printing practices

imageImage source

During the past twenty years I have seen a huge influx of “green" products and practices - which is really good, considering the state of our environment. And as a fan of keeping our planet livable, I pay particular attention to this trend. Unfortunately, it takes work to figure out whether something is “eco-good” or “eco-bad”. Nothing is in black and white, despite what some labels might tell you.

In this article I will be talking about the basics of sustainability when it comes to print products - whether its art, photography, gicleeé or whatever.

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