Design’s integral role in “Art as Experience”

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[by]Dmitri Tcherbadji[/by]In 1934 paper on aesthetics “Art as Experience”, John Dewy offers to look at art as a relationship system. A bond between the audience and the expressive object - and its effect on the lives of the each. Leo Tolstoy in his essay “What is art?” (translated excerpts here) referred to it as “activity”, “expression” and “feeling”.

ArtSocket’s Olga Tcherbadji describes being an artist as a wonderer in a garden looking for a divine fruit. Only a true creator can see it, get it, peel it and present it. Artist is a medium between the ether of creativity that floats around us and the material world that we live in. Victor Wooten describes this concept in his book “The Music Lesson”: Nobody really owns music. Some of us can hear it and play it out, but it comes from out there.